In the age of rising commodity & energy prices and increasing labor costs sustainable market access solutions depend on capturing value in ecosystem design, engaging talented human resources, and leveraging cultural competency.

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Founded in 2010 by Prof. Dr. Katharina Janus as the “Center for Healthcare Management”, ENJOY STRATEGY is a research and consulting company based in Paris, offering domain expertise in global healthcare markets.

With our network of 100 leading experts beyond the core team of ten analysts and strategists we focus on healthcare strategy/implementation, convening decision-makers in carefully curated focused forums, and offering tailor-made executive training.

Combining market and organizational analytics with sophisticated strategic and implementation advice we offer business services for stakeholders who wish to invest in ventures and/or enter new or expand business in existing global markets.

We accompany the entire range of market access and development from due diligence, market investigation, engaging key opinion leaders, post-merger integration, repositioning, and value shaping, to rethinking business models and designing ecosystems.

Across the entire range of our services, we offer a comprehensive solution that is tailored to your needs. Our approach is people-based and relies on personal interactions with key opinion leaders to get to the real drivers of business opportunities.

We maintain a flexible network structure and evaluation competency in major countries around the world which allows for any level of market analysis – from the bird’s eye level to specific interaction and lead creation with local contacts.

If you would like to know more about our founder, Prof. Dr. Katharina Janus, click here to be redirected to her personal page. Selected activities from our history as the Center for healthcare Management can be found here.

We believe in the power of convening to connect markets with people. People-centered, culturally aware, and personally engagingwe ENJOY STRATEGY! Get a taste below…

Center for Healthcare Management


We leverage our global network and expertise to support our clients with four major lines of business:

Market access & insights

Not the classical market research, but rather people-based investigation that covers the market landscape, value proposition and competition, insights into buying behavior and perceived product attributes as well as the decision-maker influence and implications for the sales approach.

Due diligence

A profound review of organizational structures and design, focusing on competencies, roles, cultures and understanding of the business purpose, including an assessment of processes, people dynamics and the organization’s collaborative spirit that determines the positioning and solution portfolio.


Our three-phased post-merger-integration approach addresses the different levels of integration: functional operations and value shaping, internal people-system relationships, and external promotion and engagement with stakeholders.

Ecosystem design

Organizational and network design following PMI or to create complementary partnerships globally or in defined local/regional areas (“House of Health”). Careful selection of partners and evaluation of contextual factors to develop strategy and prepare implementation, including negotiation and set-up.


All our services rely on background investigation, deep-dive investigation and evaluation based on our scientifically proven methodology. We put a particular emphasis on our core DNA, fostering and leveraging “cultural competency” during the considerate process of communication to facilitate understanding.

This is key to create a joint level of participatory culture and foster buy-in and integration of different levels of executives and organizations. We not only shape content and strategy, but also moderate workshops, thus, facilitating communication between the parties involved.

Our methodology relies on one-on-one interviews and applies our scientifically validated and reliable analytic approach. Thereby, we connect the small data to the big data to draw the big picture. We love outliers, inconsistencies, impossibilities, and surprises. We value the reality & enjoy designing your strategy.


It is a unique organization with extensive global relationships. Its research and insights helped the Commonwealth Fund’s International Program create its updated multi-year strategy, and was highly relevant in establishing new, future partnerships. Katharina Janus’ approach to the work was methodical and incisive.

Katharina was essential in coordinating and executing our most recent post-merger-integration. Her deep understanding of markets and methods enabled us to leverage synergies from the beginning while keeping cultural sensitivities into account. We value her profound and rigorous approach that contributed largely to our PMI’s success.

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