In a complex and constantly changing world strategies require sustainable solutions for value creation & growth: we act as your market detective, business matchmaker, and cultural whisperer for transformation.

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Since 2010 we have been the chosen global connector & ambassador of health & life sciences stakeholders to support transformation in business & ecosystems.

Our mission is to help innovative organizations with value creation & growth – organically, through partnerships or by repurposing existing assets with purpose.

We have served stakeholders with respect to growth/alignment objectives by taking on the roles of a market detective, business matchmaker, and transformative whisperer.

In our go-to-market assignments we bring together content & contacts to tackle the most complex challenges in reimbursement and evidence-based negotiation.

We design entire health ecosystems by connecting people & markets. People-centered, culturally competent, and personally engaged… WE ENJOY STRATEGY!

Center for Healthcare Management


Your objective and our roleGrow organically/ leverage own equityCreate partnerships/ attract investors“Repurposing with purpose” of assets
DetectiveMarket assessments & insightsDue diligence & business model evaluationMarket assessments & insights
Matchmaker Brokerage to support organic growthEcosystem design & implementation (content & contacts)Ecosystem design & implementation
(content &contacts)
WhispererTransformative integration of entitiesTransformative integration of partnersTransformative integration of entities & partners

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We leverage our global network and expertise to support our clients with four major lines of business:

Market assessments & insights

Not the classical market research, but people-based investigation that covers the market landscape, value proposition and competition, insights into buying behavior as well as decision-maker influence and implications for the sales approach. We take on the role of your dedicated market detective.

Due diligence & business model evaluation

A profound review of organizational structures and design, focusing on competencies, roles, cultures, and the understanding of the business purpose, including an assessment of processes, people dynamics and the organization’s collaborative spirit. This requires our competencies as your personal market detective.

Transformative integration of entities & partners

Our approach addresses the different levels of transformation: functional operations & value creation, internal people-system relationships, and external promotion & engagement with stakeholders. Our deep knowledge of internal cultures and external market demands enables us to act as a “whisperer” for transformation.

Ecosystem design & implementation

Organizational and network design to create partnerships globally or in defined local/ regional areas (“House of Health” or “Medical Mall”). Careful selection and referral of partners to develop strategy and prepare implementation, including negotiation and set-up. Our global network makes us predestined to act as your matchmaker.


How we go to market

All our services rely on people-based, deep-dive investigation and evaluation based on our scientifically validated and reliable approach to get to the real drivers of business opportunities. We leave no stone unturned.

Cultural competency is key to create a joint level of participatory culture and foster buy-in and transformation of different levels of executives and organizations.

Thereby, we connect the small data to the big data to draw the big picture. We love outliers, inconsistencies, impossibilities, and surprises. We value the reality & enjoy designing your strategy.

Healthcare market access for other industries:
Repurpose with Purpose


Healthcare is the largest and fastest-growing industry in the U.S. and globally. The big question for non-healthcare industries: does it pay off to invest and how?

With our profound expertise and deep-dive methodological approach we are specialists in making the healthcare market accessible for non-healthcare industries (such as hospitality, private equity, or real estate) that wish to enter the health & life sciences space because of market pressures or newly arising opportunities that entail a repositioning – “repurpose with purpose”.

We first unveil the strategic opportunity and then design the integrated strategy for accessing the healthcare market. #Healthisholistic and the competitive edge arises from the intelligent combination and integration of health professionals and other health & wellbeing offerings. All pieces have to come together and create dynamic ecosystems where communities thrive with a purpose.

The “total has to be of more value than the sum of its parts” and added value does not necessarily involve additional investment budgets to leverage synergies. We are putting ourselves in the clients’ shoes and designing the integrated strategy from their perspective, connecting people and organizations digitally and physically (omnichannel) to create strategic opportunities that are scalable and sustainable in the long term.

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Selected Clients



It is a unique organization with extensive global relationships. Its research and insights helped the Commonwealth Fund’s International Program create its updated multi-year strategy, and was highly relevant in establishing new, future partnerships. Katharina Janus’ approach to the work was methodical and incisive.

Katharina was essential in coordinating and executing our most recent post-merger-integration. Her deep understanding of markets and methods enabled us to leverage synergies from the beginning while keeping cultural sensitivities into account. We value her profound and rigorous approach that contributed largely to our PMI’s success.